Performance rights

What is free:  Reading the script online.  Performing a non-commercial reading for which there is no price of admission.  Using a small piece of the translation as part of a theatrical collage, as long as that collage is transformative, in some way, not merely an excerpt of this existing translation.  In all such cases, I ask that I receive credit for the translation, and that you include a link to this website.

What I charge for:  Rights to this adaptation/translation for performance, other than as noted above.  This includes use of the raw text version.  Please bear in mind that I work as a writer, and so royalty income is important to me. Please use the form below to let me know about your intended production, including: venue, number of performances, size of the theater, and price of the tickets.  I will get back to you as soon as possible with the rates.

I have also done a few school visits, in conjunction with productions, which I have quite enjoyed.  Feel free to get in touch with me about that as well.

There is also music available, from William Niederkorn, the original composer.  If you are interested in the rights to that, include that in your message and I will connect you with him.

© Edward Einhorn 2015