Chorus 2

LEADER (MEN): Stand up, men, and get ready to dance for your freedom!

CHORUS (MEN) (Singing):

The women are the pawns of those Spartan dogs.
They have betrayed us and for no cause.
Without sex what will happen to our great State?
Democracy will end if we can’t copulate.

LEADER (MEN): If we let the women get away with this, there will be no end to it! They’ll build their own navies. Or worse, they’re form their own cavalry, and, as you all know, they have an unfair advantage there. Women’s behinds just fit on horses better. Soon there will be thousands of them, running us all down on horseback, like Amazons! We have to stop them now, while we have the chance.

LEADER (WOMEN): Get ready women, to sing and dance our response to their slander!

CHORUS (WOMEN) (Singing):

We‘ve spent our lives in this great city.
If you own it partly then so do we.
We won’t let you ruin it in ways we abhor.
No longer will we let you send our children to war.

LEADER (WOMEN): You’ll never have power over us, no matter how many laws you pass. Not if those laws keep changing your friends into your enemies. To celebrate the feast of Hecate, I invited a number of my Theban friends and neighbors to my home. They were going to bring some of their delicious eels with them. But because you had passed a law suddenly making them our enemy, I had no guests, nor eels. And you’ll just keep on making your laws, until someone picks you up and tosses you out.

© Edward Einhorn 2015