Chorus 5

(A scene of general fcelebration. In the original production, MYRHINNA and CINESIAS, LAMPITO and the Spartan HERALD, and even the MAGISTRATE and CALONICE were seen resuming [or beginning] their romances.)

ALL (Singing):
Spartans come...Athenians too,
We have laid...a feast for you.
Full of wine, full of talk.
You’ll be so soused you’ll hardly walk.
Talk of women, talk of peace,
Talk of the glory of great Greece.
Talk of the Persians you defeated.
Tales of brilliance, oft repeated.
The Spartans helped, Athenians too.
Now say “I owe a debt too you.”
And that is true because, I think—
Hey, let’s have another drink!

(MAGISTRATE and CINESIAS enter, drunk and arms around each other.)

MAGISTRATE: That was a wonderful banquet. Those Spartans, they can be pretty clever, especially after they’ve downed a few.

CINESIAS: All negotiations should be held over drinks. People are stupid when they’re sober. They look for hidden meanings and get everything all wrong. But drunk—even if we made a mistake or two, who cares! We had fun!

(HERALD enters, also drunk.)

Here’s our new friend!

HERALD: Is good food! Is good drink! No more tricks or lies from us, now! Only good friends. Happy treaty, everyone! We sing happy songs together, and dance Spartan dance!

LEADERS: Come everybody, let’s all dance together!

(Final music plays. All dance.)

© Edward Einhorn 2015